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Visiting Little Rock, Arkansas

My stay in Little Rock, Arkansas was terrific! I met and golf with my dear friend General Wesley K. Clark (ret), I visited the main attraction in town, President Clinton’s Library and was extremely grateful to my friends Suzanne Meldeau Leonard and Mike Edwards for driving 10 hours to met and explore our international business […]

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The Network Club (Feb 2015) @ Marriott Hotel

The Network Clubs events are hosted quarterly in the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel and are an opportunity for our business partners, members and their guests to increase the value of their businesses by establishing business relationships that not only generate sales, and lower operating costs but also result in better customer service.

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    If you are either an Individual, Entrepreneur, Small Medium Size Company, a Corporation, Government, Institution or Non-Profit organization we can provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your NetworKing skills and capabilities to increase your in-depth knowledge toward effectively Network Your Way to Success.


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