Who we Are

The NetworKing BV. was established in 1991 by Charles D.A. Ruffolo – MPA/MBA. Charles is a Professional Networker who developed networking into a new science which now acts as the cornerstone of the foundation of a flourishing global company.

After Charles D.A. Ruffolo met (1976) his Dutch wife, Herma, the American soldier exchanged his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the Netherlands in the Dutch province of Drenthe/Overijssel. He served and retired after 20 years from the military and is a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy and served as a Battalion Sergeant Major. He earned his MPA/MBA degree in his free time in the military and fine-tuned his natural talent for linking (networking) common interests. Ruffolo is an International Speaker, Author, Publisher and Trainer that has spoken in many countries, presents over 100 times each year and is the most asked American speaker in Europe. Charles Ruffolo is the Founder of the Giving Back Foundation.

What we Do

With a networking reach of over 250,000 individuals globally, The NetworKing BV provides individual’s the chance to become successful entrepreneurs and better business minded individuals who turn everyday networking into profitable business.

The NetworKing BV. continues to convene individuals and leaders through ongoing activities and opportunities that enhance their individuals skills and develop their capabilities to find more ways to succeed in their businesses.

Our professional staff does this by providing a variety of networking services to assist individuals, organizations and companies expand their market shares and generate new business; hands-on training courses to groups and companies; lectures around the world on the power of networking; a highly effective networking venue known as The Network Club that has thousands of members worldwide; publishing books, magazines and material addressing effective networking; acting hosting to many high profile events and personally introducing you to other business minded people in the market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use interpersonal skills and networking abilities, combined with vast experience, to provide individuals and companies with the poise necessary to achieve and exceed their expectations globally.

Our Mission

The mission of The NetworKing BV is to empower business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs, governmental officials, students, emerging leaders and others to utilize their networking skills to develop and enhance their capabilities to increase their positions in the market and generate business.


Our goal is to increase the individual’s level of awareness to activity their networks by identifying & knowing who’s in their network then subsequently building, communicating, leading, motivating, enthusing and energizing that network to grow their business.

Our History

My NEW book (3rd) in English and Dutch:

It’s About Building Relationships Through Networking
Relaties Opbouwen Door Netwerken




The NetworKing started working on the Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Liberations of Europe project.


The NetworKing teamed with Stedman Graham, Joseph Oubelkas and John Olsen to create the 2th European Tour on Identity.


The NetworKing worked with the Dutch TV Station and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) make the International Documentary on the “Magic of the Diary of Anne Frank”


The NetworKing teamed with Stedman Graham and Joseph Oubelkas to create their European Tour on Identity.


The NetworKing launched the 1st Edition of “The RUF Magazine” in print form


The NetworKing wrote the 2nd Book “Your Wake-Up Call” in English & Dutch languages


The NetworKing launched his book ‘’Network Your Way to Success’’ in Chinese at the International Book Fair in Beijing, China


The NetworKing helped set-up the TV station 24Kitchen


The NetworKing wrote the 1st Book ‘’Network Your Way to Success’’ in English & Dutch languages


Started The NetworKing Academy, a ten course NetworKing program that enhances the individuals networking skills while developing their networking capabilities.


The NetworKing brought Former Vice President Al Gore to Aruba to be the first Key Note Speaker for the Inaugural Event, “Green Aruba: Our Future With Green Energy”.


The NetworKing coordinated that Sir Richard Branson was the Key Note Speaker at BID 2008


The NetworKing coordinated that General Wesley K. Clark was the first International Speaker at Kick-Off of the in the new initiative called Big Improvement Day (BID)


The NetworKing negotiated the partnership between CGI and the Dutch wind energy company, Emergya Wind Technologies.


The NetworKing helped create, promote and market the particulars behind the Event: Diversity: Leaders Not Labels, Featuring Mr. Stedman Graham.


Successfully negotiated a partnership between the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation and the Dutch Postcode Lottery.


The NetworKing worked with Greendock BV and brought General Wesley K. Clark into the project.


Became a member of Clinton’s Global Initiative (CGI) and attended the 1st CGI event


Hosted President Clinton for the 2nd time in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Hosted President Clinton for the 1st time in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Charles has arranged for the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of The United States to visit The Netherlands.


The Network Club

Ruf created The Network Club in 2000. A business club which allows it’s members to effectively network during quarterly events and quickly tap into a network of over 30.000 worldwide business professionals. The Network Club formed the foundation for The NetworKing concept.


Giving Back Foundation

The NetworKing established the Giving Back Foundation which is a non-profit organization committed towards bringing critical resources to immigrant youth that are high achievers and motivated but need the encouragement from adult role models.


Retired from the US Military


Master Degree

Earned his Master Degree in Business & Public Administration, from Boston University & Troy State


Started RIBS Network & The NetworKing

The NetworKing is a professional global network organization established in 1991.


Married Herma Broesder


Joined the US Military

Our Partners

    The NetworKing

    If you are either an Individual, Entrepreneur, Small Medium Size Company, a Corporation, Government, Institution or Non-Profit organization we can provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your NetworKing skills and capabilities to increase your in-depth knowledge toward effectively Network Your Way to Success.


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