We have been trusted advisors to the world’s biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 250,000 people in our global network

The NetworKing total service package is developed to provide clients and members with a complete global NetworKing Platform. With online and in-person network tools, The NetworKing helps you build, maintain, energize and benefit from your network.

The NetworKing Services


Get professional network training from The NetworKing! And learn how to effectively energize your network. Courses include Network negotiation, motivating and communicating with your network.


  1. Get professional network training from The NetworKing!

    Learn how to effectively energize your network. Courses include Network negotiation, motivating and communicating with your network.

    The professional network training and coaching programs focus solely on issues related to doing business by effectively energizing your network. It will help you turning a profit from your networking endeavors. Detailed process descriptions and business case will show how to motivate, stimulate and communicate with your network.

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The NetworKing inspires, motivates and enthuses your organization, personnel and clients by using an interactive approach toward bringing across the power of effectively networking.


  1. Learn about the dynamics of NetworKing

    Have your entire company or sales force pick up valuable networking skills, tips and tricks by inviting The NetworKing to your business meetings, company events or team building sessions.The lectures are a true reflector on networking in action and help to enlighten people towards networking.

    By sharing the power of a network, individuals and companies can network more efficiently and realize profitable business opportunities. The lectures show attending individuals how to build, maintain, empower and energize their own network in order to do business more efficiently.

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Personal Networking

The personalized network services of The NetworKing helps find business partners, investors, leads and business opportunities in the global market.


  1. A special connection to special individuals

    Using the power of The NetworKing network, clients and members can request tailor-made network solutions. With access to decision makers, financial institutions, venture capitalists, international network, VIPs and government officials the NetworKing Personalized Network Services are the ideal tool for professionals looking for that hard to reach goal, target or contact.

    The Network Club is an essential platform for entrepreneurs and business people to make contacts and to do profitable business by networking.

    The NetworKing Personal Network Service is always tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Please fill out the CONTACT FORM if you would like to have the power of The NetworKing work for you. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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NetworKing publications and tools that illustrate the spirit of NetworKing. By capturing and explaining the principles, values and norms of NetworKing an individual is empowered to reach and obtain success.


  1. A journey into the evolution of NetworKing!

    A journey into the evolution of NetworKing!

    The publications by The NetworKing give the reader an insight into the dynamics of networking and take the reader into the depths of networking. Based on the methodologies that Charles Ruffolo has developed over the years, the publications teach you how to give back to your network, how to expand your network, how to explore the possibilities of networking and how to educate your own network. Ruffolo’s books “Network Your Way to Success“, “Your Wake-Up Call” and “Its about building Relationship thought Networking” are available in English and Dutch.

    This book is your personal guide toward inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm. It’€™s an inside look into the mind of individual who is not only educated, but also a street-smart businessman that has had to deal with various situations concerning family, friends and business. I know what it takes to be successful no matter what the situation calls for; proper etiquette, social relationships, and the ultimate need for self-control within society or among members of a specific profession or network.


Special Events

The NetworKing hosts special events throughout the year. These events are an excellent opportunity for clients, partner and their members to experience high profile events first hand.


  1. The NetworKing hosts special events throughout the year.

    The special events can have different formats and focus on a number of subjects.

    • Formal dinner parties with government officials
    • Business meetings with the captains of industry
    • Branch specific expositions or informal events with VIPs as keynote speakers.

    The NetworKing will energize and stimulate the entire network to develop new events every year and raise the best business opportunities.

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The Network Club

The Network Club is a business club dedicated to facilitating business by providing its members and partners with a platform to establish, strengthen, and utilize personal business relationships.


  1. Leading the way

    The Network Club has become a leading organization for business networking, business connections, and practical marketing knowledge. Executives ranging from CEO’s and managers of major corporations to small business owners are members and participate in its events.

    The Network Club is an essential platform for entrepreneurs and business people to make contacts and to do profitable business by networking.

    Online platform

    The online platform aids members in networking more efficiently. The tools provided by the online environment are powerful and make the power of The NetworKing available to members across the globe. Members can maintain their own profile, register for events, look for business opportunities, create business opportunities, interact with other members, make global requests to the network, find business partners, promote their own company or services and keep up-to-date on the latest market activities. Because networking should be fun, members are awarded for actively using the online platform. Rewards from our loyalty program vary from airline tickets to hotel rooms to even free memberships — just to say thanks for efficiently networking using the online platform.


    There are global business events throughout the markets. One thing is for sure – The Network Club website helps you quickly network with other business-minded people, and at The Network Club networking events, there is a very high level of energy and enthusiasm that creates opportunities not found through other avenues. Each event is essentially a platform to move obstacles to creating business. This is done in a first-class conference facility where food and drinks are provided. The events are a platform for companies to strengthen their personal business relationships, to reinforce or reposition its core business message, to differentiate its products from its competitors, and to promote itself as providing a particular lifestyle that is attractive to the members of the club. An average of 150 business-minded people attend each event.

The NetworKing Academy

Learn how to effectively energize your network. Courses include Network negotiation, motivating and communicating with your network.


  1. Get professional network training from The NetworKing!

    Learn how to effectively energize your network.  This annual course includes Network negotiation, motivating and communicating with your network.
    The NetworKing Academy Online program:

    • Enhance your personal skills
    • Develop your professional capabilities
    • Expand your influence and impact

    The NetworKing Academy was founded by Charles Ruffolo (The NetworKing) in 2010 and is a first of its kind in the world.  Through a tailored program, The NetworKing Academy enlighten corporate and entrepreneurial network related topics with up-to-date business situations, where its graduates will become skilled professional networkers.  It will give them new and exciting opportunities and more efficiency.

    The NetworKing Academy’€™s target audience is the professional, who wants to improve his other networking skills by directly gaining experience and achieving results. The Networking Academy offers its participants a concrete experience around practical and actual topics.



The NetworKing BV core services include:


  • NetworKing Training Courses (In & Out of Companies)
  • Speaking Engagements (Lecturing, Keynote Speaker, Moderate)
  • The Network Club (Membership, Partnership, Quarterly Events)
  • Personal NetworKing (Bringing People Together)
  • Publications (Books, Magazines, Card Game)
  • Special Events (Hosting High Profile Individuals)
  • The NetworKing Academy (Two Month Program with 10 Days of Training)

The NetworKing BV. attributes its success to two founding principles of operations: trust and respect while giving back.  Utilizing these principles, The NetworKing BV has developed long lasting relationships with many diverse individuals; politicians, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

Through these experiences, we have developed the dexterity to accomplish many things.  We specialize in creating and maintaining personal networks and client relations.  These relationships are essential to forming a solid foundation, not only for turning a profit, but also for giving back to those who make us successful.

We believe that “Networking is not WHO you know, but WHO knows you!”

Contact us today to realize the benefit of a worldwide network!

    The NetworKing

    If you are either an Individual, Entrepreneur, Small Medium Size Company, a Corporation, Government, Institution or Non-Profit organization we can provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your NetworKing skills and capabilities to increase your in-depth knowledge toward effectively Network Your Way to Success.


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