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Transform theory into action guided by inspirational guest speakers within dynamic professional sessions that empower you to network with the prowess of a leader.

In 2024, The NetworKing Academy invites you to embark on a transformative journey of networking excellence. Our bespoke program is meticulously designed to enhance your networking skills, offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Discover the Power of Effective Networking

At The NetworKing Academy, we understand that networking is more than just making contacts; it’s about building lasting relationships that foster personal and professional growth. This understanding forms the core of our curriculum, ensuring that each session you attend is not just informative, but also a step towards your success.

“Networking is not who you know, but who knows YOU!”

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Key Features:

The NetworKing Academy has a Program consisting of 8 theoretical sessions with guests speakers and 3 practical activities over a 3 month period. Starting Spring 2024 at a location that couldn’t be more inspiring. The AFAS Software Office in Leusden (check this one out at

Unleash the potential of your network with The NetworKing Academy. Where connections become your gateway to success. Expert-Led, Practical Curriculum and Personal Guidance and Mentorship from Ruf.


Module Highlights:

  1. Network Your Way to Success: Discover the core of networking – a balance of giving and taking within your relationships. Understand networking’s foundational principles: establishing, knowing, connecting, nurturing, and giving back to your network.
  2. Building Your Network: Learn to grow your innate network. Stay true to your values and principles, and visualize your network expansion through engaging and interactive exercises.
  3. Communicating With Your Network: Master the art of effective communication. Develop skills to build rapport, understand your audience, and engage in meaningful two-way communication.
  4. Leading Your Network: Transform into a leader with our guidance on character, knowledge, and action. Lead by example, fostering commitment and continuous growth in your network.
  5. Motivating & Enthusing Your Network: Tap into your inner reservoir of motivation and enthusiasm with the “ME Theory”. Set realistic goals and energize others through your positive attitude and clear vision.
  6. Acquisitioning From Your Network: Utilize your network effectively for mutual gain. Engage in strategic networking to uncover opportunities and harness the power of referrals.
  7. Negotiating With Your Network: Enhance your negotiation skills. Learn to craft agreements that benefit all parties involved and understand the nuances of successful negotiating.
  8. Energizing Your Network: Keep your network dynamic and active. Learn tactics to continuously engage and energize your connections, maintaining a network that is both responsive and supportive.


And after completion of the course, we reward you with a Certificate of Completion

Some examples of the practical outings are:

  • Participating in an American Chamber of Commerce event (AmCham)
  • Visiting a well-established and successful company
  • Attending The Network Club event

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Get professional network training from The NetworKing!

Learn how to effectively energize your network. This annual course includes Network negotiation, motivating and communicating with your network. The NetworKing Academy Online program:

  • Enhance your personal skills
  • Develop your professional capabilities
  • Expand your influence and impact

The NetworKing Academy was founded by Charles Ruffolo (The NetworKing) in 2010 and is a first of its kind in the world. Through a tailored program, The NetworKing Academy enlighten corporate and entrepreneurial network related topics with up-to-date business situations, where its graduates will become skilled professional networkers. It will give them new and exciting opportunities and more efficiency.

The NetworKing Academy’s target audience is the professional, who wants to improve his other networking skills by directly gaining experience and achieving results. The Networking Academy offers its participants a concrete experience around practical and actual topics.

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    If you are either an Individual, Entrepreneur, Small Medium Size Company, a Corporation, Government, Institution or Non-Profit organization we can provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your NetworKing skills and capabilities to increase your in-depth knowledge toward effectively Network Your Way to Success.


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